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Devra and Frank Sinatra in their ring-a-ding days
Dick Van Dyke, Devra and husband Irwin Zucker
Devra and Irwin met Bob Hope 20 years before he turned 100
Richard Sherman & Wife Elizabeth. He is the co-writer of all Disney Musical hits from Mary Poppins to Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.
John Travolta tells Devra how he parks his jet plane in his back yard! Most of us have a carport, he has an airport!
Debbie Reynolds and Devra at the Thalians Ball. 
A Charity that Debbie started.
Michael Caine, an actor for over 50 years!
Red Buttons is a comedy icon and a dear friend of Devra's
 Buzz and Lois Aldrin on earth with Devra Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Apollo II Moon Landing
Hugh O'Brian with John Wayne double and originals Devra and Irwin join Hugh for his 80th Western Birthday party.
Joaquin Phoenix tells Devra about  his new movie "Walk the Line" and the  great song on the album called: "Get a rhythm on when you get the Blues" 
Jack La Lanne celebrates his 90th birthday! 
He says he can't afford to die, it will destroy his healthy image
Devra and Steve Martin that wild and crazy guy!
Devra with Phyllis Diller, still keeping us laughing
Laura Linney stars in the new hit "Man of the Year"
Devra is Mary Jane Popp's Hollywood Reporter for KAHI radio Sacramento
Devra with her twin daughters Shari & Judi watch 
Tommy Lee Jones play Polo in Santa Barbara
Devra guests on KZBN Santa Barbara Radio with hosts Geron Piltz and "The Baron"
Devra Loves Book & Health Conventions
Jamie Fox  telling Devra about all his new upcoming films
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Pat Boone and Wink Martindale entertained at the Jr. Philharmonic Annual Concert
Devra predicts a very bright future for Dakota Fanning. Dakota exudes  super-star quality and a charming presence. What a great little actress!
Devra celebrates with Sandy and Wink Martindale the day Wink got his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Melissa Etheridge, she won best song at the BFCA for 'An Inconvenient Truth' about Global Warming. The song's called, "I need to wake up!"
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Reese Witherspoon tells Devra about her new movie Four Christmases

Devra talks with Sean Penn at the Broadcast Film Critics Awards